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TO OUR CLIENTS: Amallis is your partner in the USA.

  • One single vendor: We can handle all your purchasing, consolidation and shipping of American-made products.

  • Specific product: We can research and find specific products for your company.

  • Huge selection: Large variety of automotive tools, equipment, body shop products under one roof. Thousands of items available through one vendor.

  • New technology: Amallis represents many inventors and we constantly introduce new products to the international market.

  • Exclusivity: We can offer you EXCLUSIVITY for your country for many items that we handle exclusively worldwide.

  • Shipment: Amallis utilizes over 30 shipping and freight-forwarding companies. This wide selection allows us to assist you in choosing the most cost-effective shipping method for your company, as well as guarantees the smooth and timely delivery of your products.

OEM clients: Amallis can tailored products according to your corporate image and need. Be part of the many companies that Amallis do private label to.

TO OUR VENDORS: Amallis is your gateway to the world.

Amallis is your gateway to the world. By pooling with other products that we are handling worldwide, you can expedite the introduction of your products to the international market.

Export Department. Amallis can handle the marketing, distribution, and all export requirements of your products and can act as your export department.

Risk management. Amallis will take title of shipment in the USA and will assume all responsibility for all international payment.

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