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Alden Wrench

  • Faster performance than standard combo wrench
  • 30 degrees open end ratchet.
  • Material construction: stainless steel 17-4 pH
  • No chrome nor cadmium plating for aerospace use compliance
  • Hand polished to mirror shine
  • Interactive open-end ratchet

Available in SAE and Metric

Metric Sizes:
10-12, 13-14, 15-17 mm

SAE Sizes:
3/8"- 7/16", 1/2"- 9/16", 5/8"- 11/16"

Alden Wrench Propack

Metric Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 mm

SAE Sizes:
3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, and 13/16 in


Ready Products Screwdriver

  • Locking collar
  • Changing bits with the push of a button
  • Six different bits retract from inside the handle

Ready Product Hex

  • Locking collar
  • Changing bits with the push of a button
  • Six different bits retract from inside the handle

Available in SAE and Metric

Ready Product Ratchet

  • Quick release
  • High torque composite for superior strength
  • Tray stores inside Handle
  • Locking socket tray holds the most popular socket sizes
  • Ratchet and socket exceed national specification for torque

Available in SAE and Metric as well as 1/4” and 3/8”

Autoloader is a one of a kind autoloader exchanges screwdriver bits in less than 2 seconds. Pump-action designed mechanism makes changing bits a breeze. Never touch your screwdriver bits again.

Hex Pro Wrench will save you time and allow you to work efficiently in those limited space locations.

  • High quality industrial steel
  • Use at shop, home or on the road
  • Versatile, easy to use
  • Perfect for hard to reach places
  • Chrome Vanadium finish to resist corrosion
  • Long handles to provide more leverage

Available in S.A.E. and Metric sizes to fit most screws


The 4 in 1 Multi-Socket Replaces the four most commonly used nut drivers with one compact, high-torque tool.

Classic Multi-Driver holds 16 bits of the most frequently used bits, plus a 1/4" nut driver in the handle.

2-Speed Ratio Multi-Driver nosepiece turns 4 times with each turn of the handle - it's 4 times as fast. Ratchet Multi-Driver reversible ratchet with a nosepiece that locks into the angle you need.
8 in 1 Multi-Wrench replaces 8 SAE wrench sizes with one tough tool Security Multi-Driver includes 14 security bits plus phillips & slot, with a longer nose for greater reach. Replacement Bits Carded 3" double-ended standard and tamper-proof bits - great quality and great value.

The Pry-Angle Adjustable Pry Bar with a claw head that angles and locks into 5 different positions, the Pry-Angle gets into corners a regular pry bar can't reach for fast, efficient demolition work.

Utility Jack Knife has the convenience of a jack knife, the blade of a utility knife, and the best blade change mechanism on the market.

New Mini Utility Jack Knife has all the features of our standard size knife in miniature to carry on your key chain.


Ratcheting Pipe Wrench is the first pipe wrench that's easy to use - it ratchets! Precision Adjustable Wrench superb engineering keeps joint mechanism smooth for life.
Telescoping Extension Bar Set replaces your entire extension bar set with two tools

3 in 1 Multi-Pliers double-lever design for twice the force at the jaws, plus three interchangeable heads


Solid Shaft Adjustable Pliers designed without the tongue-and-groove jaw, these pliers can't torque out
Dual Snap Ring Pliers is an all-in-one tool removes both internal and external snap rings.

Electrician's Fish Stick Set is the most economical, efficient and snarl-free way to pull or push wire.


Electronic Digital Caliper, 6" highly accurate caliper features zero setting at any position.

2 in 1 Cutter/Stripper Now available in two sizes - the tool that introduced efficiency to working with stranded wire is now available in a bigger model, tough enough to strip electrical wire up to 14 to 10 AWG.

Painless Safety Cutter is the best cutter for wire ties. Square profile won't leave a sharp edge. Diagonal Cutting Pliers diagonal Cutting Pliers feature a second skinning hole; strip 16 AWG and 22 AWG wire.
Long Nose Wire Pliers long Nose Pliers cut, crimp, and strip 22 AWG wire and feature a cross-jaw grip. 11" Extended Pliers offers the reach and the angle you need in a high quality tool. Heavy Duty Pliers assortment you'll love our quality and our pricing

Cable Splicing Knife fine cutlery steel blade in a leather pouch.

2 in 1 Pocket Driver high quality and economical
The Ratchet Buddies turns your ratchet into a workhorse. Just attach to any ratchet and you will be able to move through wrenching work like never before.

"Monster" Scraper ideal for removing stickers and other material from windshields, bumpers, etc. Unique design angled head! Uses standard single edge razor blades. Great for painting and re-finishing jobs. Three scrapers and 5 spare Available as a kit or various sizes: 4”, 6”, and 19”

Kiwi Pliers

  • Set of 3 Pliers – 6”, 7”, 8”
  • Enjoy a more powerful grip with less effort
  • Made from heat treated long lasting quality steel
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