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Alden Wrench

  • Faster performance than standard combo wrench
  • 30 degrees open end ratchet.
  • Material construction: stainless steel 17-4 pH
  • No chrome nor cadmium plating for aerospace use compliance
  • Hand polished to mirror shine
  • Interactive open-end ratchet


Available in SAE and Metric


Metric Sizes:
10-12, 13-14, 15-17 mm

SAE Sizes:
3/8"- 7/16", 3/8"- 9/16", 5/8"- 11/16"

Ready Products Screwdriver

  • Locking collar
  • Changing bits with the push of a button
  • Six different bits retract from inside the handle

Autoloader is a one of a kind autoloader exchanges screwdriver bits in less than 2 seconds. Pump-action designed mechanism makes changing bits a breeze. Never touch your screwdriver bits again.

Ready Product Ratchet

  • Quick release
  • High torque composite for superior strength
  • Tray stores inside Handle
  • Locking socket tray holds the most popular socket sizes
  • Ratchet and socket exceed national specification for torque

Available in SAE and Metric as well as 1/2” and 3/8”

Hex Pro Wrench will save you time and allow you to work efficiently in those limited space locations.

  • High quality industrial steel
  • Use at shop, home or on the road
  • Versatile, easy to use
  • Perfect for hard to reach places
  • Chrome Vanadium finish to resist corrosion
  • Long handles to provide more leverage

Available in S.A.E. and Metric sizes to fit most screws


Plastex plastic repairs

  • Don't throw it away, repair your broken plastic instead of replacing it.
  • Now make even the most difficult repairs in minutes with Plastex.
  • Only Plastex has a reusable molding bar that allows you to easily reproduce broken tabs and other small parts.
  • Use Plastex to repair most hard plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood, balsa and many other materials.
  • Plastex is great for the household, office, shop or use on RV's, cars, motorcycles and much more.
  • Use Plastex on crafts, toys, hobbies, models and more.
  • Around the house, you can finish up those weekend projects - even repair your vinyl siding!
  • Plastex is easy to use and can repair almost anything, saving you time and money.


Alupax is composed of different components including Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and other proprietary alloys. Now you can repair aluminum and zinc based parts such as this with out a welding machine.

  • All you need is a hand held propane type torch for small pieces.
  • Produces a sound joint that is stronger than the parent metal.
  • No fluxes are required.
  • There are no fumes.
  • Low 732°F. working temperature.

Diamondite® Clay 'n Shine Paint Care System is perfect for the removal of and protection from...

* paint overspray
* oxidation
* rail dust
* water spots
* road film
* surface abrasions

* rust
* tree sap
* road tar
* fresh and dry bird droppings
* surface stains
* many other surface contaminants

...for your automotive surfaces

Diamondite Glass Cleaning System may be used on all glass and glass-like surfaces such as auto windshields, aircraft windshields, marine cabins, and store-front displays. Diamondite Shield also offers results and protection on other glass-like surfaces such as tile and marble. Application is simple and requires no special training or tools and may be used by do-it-yourselfers as well as by professionals.
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